Designed and created by our Artistic Director, Vincent Michel, the Pavando bracelet was elaborated in July 2015, in Lausanne, Switzerland.
It aims to embody excellent people with excellent values. Therefore, Pavando supports charities through each order.

Symbol of

Pavando embodies three strong
and vigorous values:
Humbleness. Respect. Inspiration.
It is not a brand,
Pavando is a symbol of Excellence.
It symbolises a way of
living and defines who we really are.
Excellence can be found
in everyone, it reveals our true faith.
It is not a destination,
but a travel that never ends.


Each bracelet is tailored. Our jeweler will receive every order one by one and begin the creation process to craft your own unique Pavando bracelet.
Be aware that each piece needs a lot of attention, as it is made by hand in our studio. Make sure to visit our Team page.

Our core values

Be Humble, Respectful and Inspiring for others. We call it Excellence.
Pavando reflects a high Swiss savoir-faire. From the bracelets to the packaging, each part of the process has a Swiss touch.
We inspire ourselves from the old town of Lausanne near the Cathedral, where narrow alleys and ancestral values surround us.


Everyone has a story. This is ours. Now it is time to create yours.